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Center for people with mobility challenges

Plus Center, Inc is a program for people with physical challenges; dedicated to helping maximize their unique potentials. Our center is grounded in individualized and person-centered approaches to help people, regardless of their physical ability, realize their range of social capabilities. 
At Plus Center, we believe in strengthening ourselves physically, socially, and emotionally to maintain our well-being and live an abundant life. 

Wellness is a commitment. In our Conductive Education-based program, we value the benefits of exercise in helping every person see their role in the world as an active one. Through regular exercise programs, we believe in strengthening ourselves together to maintain our well-being and become the happiest, healthiest versions of ourselves.


Our program can tailor fit to our clients’ physical, cognitive, and self-care needs and can adapt to various client schedules. 

We cultivate an uplifting atmosphere to motivate people to reach their goals and feel part of the community. 


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